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Thank you for your interest in Pedal Yatri. To give you some background on the group, Pedal Yatri is a group of cycling enthusiasts who all live in the Gurgaon area. All of us are very conscious about the environment, love the outdoors and keen to increase our stamina and fitness levels.

The group rides every Saturday and Sunday and most of week days. We try to ensure that member ride regularly with the group, at least 1-2 times a month. The routes we follow will normally cover a distance of 50 to 60km on weekend and 25-30 Kms on weekdays. Since we are all nature lovers they involve a fair amount of riding on paths and trails through hills, fields and villages in the vicinity of Gurgaon and in the nearby Aravalli hill range. As a rule we avoid main roads or only use roads that have minimal traffic. Our rides begin at about 5am and we get back into Gurgaon by about 9-10am (later in winters). None of us are professional racers, but our effort is to ride hard, be safe, and we are all passionate about keeping our cycles in great shape.

It would be useful if you could tell us a little about yourself. Please go through the link below and fill in the registration form and/or join our Facebook group:

Pedalyatri - Registration Form

Facebook - Pedalyatri