About Us

In 2008, a few of us decided to set up a group for cycling enthusiasts in Gurgaon near Delhi, India. A group that would ride regularly, ride the right way, ride to discover, ride to explore, and ride to spread awareness about the environment, ride to make friends with like-minded folks, and so on.

We are a group of enthusiasts who love the wind in our hair, sweat on our brow, ache in our muscles and a bike between our legs. We believe in the clean, green, fitness machine that let us explore the world the old-fashioned way - the way we used to when we were young both in body and in mind.

In the past decade, we have witnessed how cycling as a sport and hobby has transformed. When we first started riding with cycling bibs and jerseys and helmets and gloves, people would stare at us as if we are from another planet. It is a joy now to see hundreds on their bikes in different parts of the city (or cities), all in proper cycling attire. It is a sport that has really taken off. During this period, we have also seen several groups come and go. But we have always liked more people take to cycling, irrespective of which group or place they are from. As long as they ride, they are Pedalyatris.

Also, during this period, Pedalyatri itself has grown from strength to strength. This has given us the confidence that we have been doing things right. That when people talk of cycling, Pedalyatri is a name that is taken with respect, and we are proud of it.

We are a group with a simple objective - of getting cyclists, who want to ride, together!

We invite and welcome all out there who share the passion, the belief and the will - to hit the trails and enjoy nature.